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The law firm Čalfa, Bartošík & Partners („ČBP“) was founded in 1992. Its founding partners JUDr. Marián Čalfa a JUDr. Mojmír Bartošík had before been engaged in the government legislation institutions. Since the very beginning, the firm has thus had profound knowledge of the legal order as a whole and of its individual parts. Legal work of the firm, rests on its ability to understand the legislator’s intent embodied in the laws, and to complement such intent by interpretation where explicit provisions are either missing or allow for controlled interpretation. All this is accompanied by the ability to ascertain the essence of the given legal regulation and its broader aspects as well as relationship with other legal regulations, together with an ability of their creative application to specific situations.




Since the foundation of the firm, such abilities have been demonstrated in resolving comprehensive structural and multi-disciplinary legal cases involving several legal branches. The firm has proven the ability to accomplish due diligence of large companies, to resolve problems related with the foundation of companies, acquisition of large assets, structural adjustments of existing companies and with large projects of corporate and project financing. 


The firm has rendered its services in the field of contract relations, finance law, banking law, bill of exchange and cheque law and securities law. It is also active in the general area of commercial law and industrial relations law, building and real property law, information systems law and environmental law. It has also limited clientele in the area of criminal law.


The firm represents its clients in bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement proceedings, arbitration proceedings, administrative and judicial proceedings.


ČBP renders to a number of its clients comprehensive legal services that extend beyond the boundaries of individual legal branches, and combine standard administration of assets aimed at the prevention of the occurrence of disputes, assistance in finding conciliatory resolution of existing disputes, representation of clients in judicial or arbitration proceedings, enforcement of adjudicated claims for clients with the help of judicial or private executors and, if required, assistance in bankruptcy or settlement aimed at the satisfaction of adjudicated claims of its clients.




ČBP co-operates with a wide spectrum of outside legal experts, mainly legislative specialists in individual branches of law. If information or recommendation based on the knowledge of law other than Czech law is required, ČBP co-operates with a number of renowned foreign or international law firms. If a given matter calls not only for legal, but also economic or tax analyses, and the client is interested in receiving a comprehensive advise, ČBP proceeds in close co-operation with leading firms specialising in economic or tax advisory services.

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